Losing My Wisdom

The picture shown is is my left jaw with the ends of the black silk stitches after my wisdom tooth has been removed.

It’s been something that had been at the back of my mind for quite some time now. The problem was first highlighted back in 2007 when an x-ray scan shows the wisdom tooth being impacted and pushing at an angle to the last molar. I had seen multiple Dentists then and they all have varying opinions on whether I should have the tooth extracted,. Some said that I should leave it and only extract it if it becomes a problem. And also since the tooth is near the nerve, it advisable to only have the operation when necessary. Others (and most of those Dentists are from Australia) insisted that it should be removed as it will eventually decay and might results in me having to remove the molar tooth along with the wisdom tooth should I choose to ignore the problem.

So I finally decided to get the wisdom tooth extracted. Not because those pro-extraction wisdom tooth sold the idea to me. But because there is this lingering thought in my mind that this might be a problem in the future and they say that the older you are, the longer it takes for the gums to heal.

So today I finally did it. The operation went well. What the Dentist did was put a local anaesthesia. After that we waited for a while for my lower left jaw to go numb before commencing the surgery. He had to make a slit in my gum and “fold” the flap outwards so as to expose the tooth for removal. After that he halved the tooth (front and back). I could hear a lot of sawing action going o following by some drilling and then the cracking sound as the tooth is split into two. Because of the angle as which the wisdom tooth is, the back half has to be removed first before the front half can be extracted. Once the tooth had been removed, I had to bite down hard on my gauze and wait for 10mins to allow the blood to clot and fill the socket where the wisdom tooth once sat. Then the gum flap was folded back and the stitches sewen to keep the gums in place.

The whole process took around 45mins with the actual operation taking under half an hour. The lower left half of my jaw was numb for about 3 hours after, along with my lips and talking felt strange. It’s at night now as I write this and the lower left jaw is feeling alright. I can feel that there is some swelling happening but didn’t need to take some of the pain killers provided by the dental clinic, which I am taking as a good thing.

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